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Euphemisms are pretty sweet sometimes. However the word “euphemism” may also really be considered a euphemism. A euphemism is frequently yet another word for “politically correct”.: )

Once the briefing was over, Shadow saluted to Commander Tower and filed from the room with Rouge behind him.

He checked out the paper in the hands, skimming within the assignment’s summary. It had been a short security task. He’d have child custody from the girl, Julia Dark night, until it had been safe to question her formally.

“Looks as if you got a job, huh,” a voice stated from his left.

Shadow looked at Kacey Stone. The agent was leaning from the wall together with his arms folded.

“Yeah,” Shadow stated, and stored walking.

“Watching just a little girl?”

Shadow didn’t break his stride. “Yeah.”

“Seems like the one who got the task ought to be just a little more…qualified.”

Shadow stopped within the hallway. His jaw tightened.

“Why don’t you knock them back, Kacey?” Rouge stated, facing the agent together with her on the job her sides. “Shadow’s the very best agent to do the job.” Just a little smirk performed round her mouth. “You’re just jealous, aren’t you, honey?”

“Jealous?” Kacey pressed off the beaten track and blew out a breath. “Of him?” He held out his hands to point Shadow.

“Commander Tower chose me with this assignment while he knows I’ll safeguard that girl with my existence,” Shadow stated, turning around. “Do you disagree?”

Kacey looked at his watch, then shoved his hands into his pockets. “Having child custody of the 13-year-old girl just doesn’t appear to suit with your…colorful past.”

Shadow’s bloodstream surged to his hands. “If you’re insinuating I’d hurt that girl, then just express it.”

Another agent scowled and closed the space between he and Shadow. “I saw your record before you decide to came here,” he growled. “It would’ve gone midway for this building. But Commander Tower enables you, a criminal, to handle assignments like this—”

“I’m not really a criminal any longer. And my record never demonstrated I had been a rapist or perhaps a child abuser, because I’m not,” Shadow stated, moving the smallest bit closer. “If I’m wrong, correct me.”

Kacey’s mouth tightened and that he switched his back on Shadow, then marched away.

“He’s jealous, okay,” Rouge stated because the agent rounded a large part. She looked at Shadow. “Not since the Commander gave you this assignment, speculate you have the promotion this month. Hmph.

Exactly what a jerk.”

Shadow massaged the bridge of his nose. Thank heavens it had been Friday.

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